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The luckiest travellers live near airports, or so it appears, obvious, maybe? and on the environment front, news that costal communities would be better off being environmentally friendly and protecting the habitats of sea animals like sea turtles than by destroying their habitat. “World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) says living turtles are worth nearly three times as much as dead ones because of the tourism they attract”

Hello World

Well here we are, this is my opening post. I’m currently interested in digital projection, it all seems far too complex at present, all I want is something digital to sit next to my Kodak Ectapro 9020 projector and do a similar job, show slides on a screen, nothing fancy. Sadly it all seem very complicated and expensive for anything with replaceable lenses that will throw the distance I need (10 meters). I think I was quoted £5000 so far, the Ectapro cost a mere £1800, cheap in comparison. Anyone had any luck with this?