Ecovia do Litoral (Coastal Eco-Road), Portugal

I read about this in Portugal.

“In approximately March 2007 the 214 km of the Ecovia do Litoral (Coastal Eco-Road) should be finished, announced the President of the Junta Metropolitana do Algarve, Macário Correia, yesterday in Sagres, in a ceremony to lay the first stone of the project.

Thought of as being essentially for cycle tourists, but covering any type of non-motorised transport, the Ecovia do Litoral will connect the Algarve from point to point. Starting in Cape St. Vicente, in the Municipality of Vila do Bispo, it passes all the cities of the Algarve coastline and ends in Vila Real de Santo António.”


Here’s a picture of the start marker.


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  1. i have been trying to follow this trail from Villa Real to wardsSagares for two years! No maps seem to exist and in maqny places the route just disappaers. Tourist offices local and portuguese o tourist office in London cannot help/. Can any one inform where to obtain maps / information.

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