Ryanair Web site hit by second booking system problem

“Ryanair’s Web site has been hit by a second system glitch since the airline launched a new bookings system in February, causing difficulty to customers attempting to buy tickets.
It is taking customers up to a minute to switch pages on the site owing to the problems, Ryanair said, and a number of them are not receiving flight confirmations because payment authorization is being delayed.”

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Irish Airline Ryanair Confident On Breaking-Even in 2009

“Ryanair has no plans to stop operations or increase charges amidst rising fuel prices. The Irish budget airline recently announced a 20 percent rise in profits in the past 12 months will help it absorb high oil prices even if they hover around $130 a barrel.
In a statement, Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary expressed confidence that the company would break even next year and could manage the ill-effects of short term income loss due to high fuel costs.”

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Ananova – EasyJet Launches Second Seat Sell-Off

[travel] Ananova – EasyJet Launches Second Seat Sell-Off “No-frills airline easyJet has launched its second round of sales in less than two months as figures showed its planes were less full in May than a year ago.
Airlines have been struggling with soaring oil prices near $130 a barrel, but easyJet is offering up to 20% off two million seats between June 16 and July 17.
In April, the company offered a similar promotion covering May and June as competition in the sector intensifies despite surging costs.”

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Ryanair CEO says oil is hurting

“Rising oil prices are hurting Ryanair, Chief Executive Michael O’Leary said on Wednesday, but Europe’s biggest low cost airline can still avoid making a loss with oil prices at $125 a barrel.
“With oil at $125 (a barrel) … we certainly won’t make a lot of money,” O’Leary told reporters. “I don’t think we will lose money.””

Link: http://uk.reuters.com

Fuel costs will sink most European discounters

“Oil prices well above $100 a barrel will drive most of Europe’s low-cost airlines out of business, the head of EasyJet’s French subsidiary said on Wednesday.
The stark warning of a cull of low-cost airlines came as the British budget airline’s shares fell more than 4% after another spike higher in oil prices towards $120 a barrel.
“There are currently about 50 low-cost carriers on the European market — that’s absurd,” Francois Bacchetta, managing director of EasyJet France, told a news conference.”

Link: http://www.usatoday.com/travel/flights/2008-04-24-easyjet-rivals-oil_N.htm?csp=34